Student Visit to Japan

Student Visit to Japan

1. Benefits of Global Travel

Mt.Fuji Research has shown the educational value of overseas travel. Global issues such as education, the environment, energy conservation, overpopulation, sustainability, peace and war, urbanization, natural disaster management and many other topics can be a major rationale of such trips. Through these trips lessons and concepts will be reinforced and it will help students develop empathy and acceptance of other cultures. A student visit to Japan will offer a glimpse into a country that has taken the best of the past and successfully married it with the excitement of the future.

2. Why Japan?

No other travel destination excites students than a trip to Japan. Japan is an ideal destination and is known worldwide as a safe, clean, efficient nation. Contrary to popular myth, a wide range of choices in accommodations and healthy traditional and European food makes a visit to Japan surprisingly affordable for students. Tokyo BuildingsKiyomizu-dera

3. Visit Japan Organizer

The Visit Japan Organizer is a guidebook for teachers who want a step-by-step organizer - it is written by and for teachers. As a practical guide, it covers such topics as: fundraising, designing an itinerary, museum websites, orientation topics as well as tips on how to infuse Japanese themes into existing curriculum and much more. PDF and HTML(English, French) formats of the Organizer are available here.

4. Seminar

JNTO works closely with an educational advisor to hold seminars on the planning of school trips to Japan for students, administrators, teachers and parents. If you require assistance or resources, please contact us at

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Visit Japan Organizer

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