FukushimaSpa Resort HawaiiansA leisure resort with hot spring theme parks, hotels and golf courses.
TochigiEdo Wonderland Nikko EdomuraA village reproduced in the style of the Edo period, with theatres and interactive amusements.
TochigiTobu World SquareA theme park of 1/25 th  scale miniature reproductions of historic relics and buildings.
YamanashiFuji-Q HighlandAmusement park famous for record-breaking roller coasters like  Fujiyama, Dodonpa,  &  Eejanaika .
ChibaTokyo Disneyland & DisneySeaThe world-famous Disney theme parks, with rides, shops, shows and resort hotels.
TokyoSanrio PurolandIndoor theme park of the Sanrio characters with live performances, musicals and shows.
TokyoKidzaniaKids aged 2-12 experience the work force at realistic pavilions where they work and even get paid in Kidzo money.
TokyoPalette TownScenic ferris wheel and an indoor facility with stores, restaurants and amusement spots.
TokyoOdaiba Seaside ParkPaddling, boardsailing and walking along the boardwalk, with photo spots, an observatory, and some shops and restaurants.
TokyoMuseum of Maritime ScienceMuseum of sea ships with simulations and a 70-meter observatory.
TokyoNational Museum of Emerging Science & Innovation (Miraikan)Interactive exhibits of Japan’s Cutting-edge technologies.
TokyoKasai Seaside ParkA man-made beach with the glass domed “Kasai Seaside Aquarium”, a bird park and a glass-walled observatory.
YokohamaShin-Yokohama Ramen MuseumEat ramen from renowned shops across the country, learn the history of ramen, and buy nostalgic sweets and snacks.
YokohamaYokohama Hakkeijima Sea ParadiseA man-made island with 3 aquariums, an amusement park, restaurants and shops.
AichiNagoya Port AquariumLarge outdoor tanks with dolphin shows and a voyage following the Fuji Antarctic research vessel.
OsakaExpo Memorial ParkNatural and Cultural gardens, a Japanese garden, Japan Folk Crafts museum, and other recreational facilities.
OsakaOsaka Aquarium KaiyukanOne of the largest aquariums in the world and home to the huge whale sharks, the tanks are designed for viewing from above and below.
OsakaUmeda JoypolisAn indoor amusement park arcade for game lovers.
OsakaUniversal Studios JapanRides, live shows and nostalgic streets, all based on the movies produced by Universal Studios.
KyotoToei Kyoto Studio ParkA theme park situated in Toei’s Kyoto studio, you can walk through movie sets, enjoy various events, or dress up in a historical costume.
NagasakiHuis TenBoschA reproduction of the European-style houses and streets from Nagasaki’s days as an international trading port.
KumamotoASO Farm LandA facility designed for building up peoples’ health; there are spas, hot springs, a Farm Land, playground and beautiful gardens.
OkinawaOkinawa Churaumi AquariumHuge tanks with whale sharks, manta ray and many other kinds of sea life, daily shows and tank explanations.
OkinawaOkinawa Commemorative National Government ParkA huge park which includes the Churaumi Aquarium, a dolphin lagoon, and Shurijo Castle Park.

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