Japan Monthly Web Magazine – August 2016

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East Hokkaido: A magnificent natural view and a rich ecosystem

Summer has come to East Hokkaido! If you like driving and trekking in dynamic nature, East Hokkaido is the place to go. Lake Mashu-ko is shining in glorious “Mashu blue” and Kaisendon is bursting with delicious seafood at Washo Market. There are even ocean-front hot springs!

Rare animals living in East Hokkaido

East Hokkaido is a home of rare animals. Take our binoculars and let’s go to find Japanese cranes, the Hokkaido (Ezo) brown bear and many more!

Draw an “Omikuji” when you visit a temple or a shrine!

Omikuji is going multilingual! When you visit shrines and temples in Japan, you can find a piece of paper called “Omikuji” that many visitors draw on in order to predict their fortune for the future. What would your fortune for the future be?

Matcha sweets that you must try in Japan

7 grades of Matcha richness! Shizuoka Prefecture is one of the most famous production sites of Matcha in Japan. Try the richest Matcha-flavor sweets in the world!

Refresh yourself with a full range of summer activities available in Tochigi

An authentic discovery in Tochigi. It takes only a 49-minute Shinkansen ride from Tokyo to enjoy a green landscape. Why not try exploring world heritage, Nikko, dressed in a kimono?

Searching for good fortune spots in Tokyo with economical tickets

Did you know the “Keisei Skyliner & Tokyo Subway Ticket” has been expanded to 24-hour/48-hour/72-hour tickets? Pop down to the SKYLINER & KEISEI INFORMATION CENTER at Narita Airport and start your journey!

Japanese whisky nurtured by spring water and Mother Nature

Visit the birthplace of Suntory whisky. A perfect opportunity to experience, feel and see the beautiful nature of Yamanashi and the manufacturing environment of Japan. Don’t forget to go to AEON MALL KOFUSHOWA to stock up on your Japanese whisky and wine collection!

Beautiful sights and things that color your trip through Japan

From a shrine overlooking Mt.Fuji to clean high-tech “Washlet” restrooms, you find beauty everywhere in Japan. Let’s take a look at what you can find on a single day trip from Tokyo.

The National Museum of Western Art has now been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Transboundary Site

Big news! The National Museum of Western Art (NMWA) in Ueno Park has just been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site! Check out the masterpiece by the Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier, one of the greatest architects of the 20th century.