Japan Monthly Web Magazine – May 2016

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A trip to Izumo where you can experience Japanese tradition and culture

Izumo, located in the east part of Shimane Prefecture, is thought to be a place where gods from all over Japan gather in October in the lunar calendar (equivalent to the period from late October to early December in the solar calendar) and has many myths and legends that have been passed down. Izumo-Taisha Grand Shrine where many people visit to wish for a good match is also popular as a historic place with mystical energy. Let`s travel around Izumo and experience Japanese culture and tradition!

Experience Japanese culture through the Japanese tea ceremony

The Japanese tea ceremony (Cha-no-yu), which is also called « Sadou » or « Chadou », is one of the traditional Japanese cultural activities that help people enjoy tea with a calm feeling due to the unique philosophy and procedures involved. Nowadays, many venues offer the chance for people to try and experience the Japanese tea ceremony, for example in tea rooms in Japanese hotels, Japanese sweet shops, at events and tea ceremony workshops for foreign visitors. You can discover a new aspect of Japanese culture by experiencing the Japanese tea ceremony!

Visit historic facilities related to the Japanese Imperial Family

A selected number of facilities such as gardens of (great) significance to the Imperial family are open to the public. The following are some of the prominent facilities in Kyoto connected with the Imperial Family that you would surely want to visit during your stay in Japan.

Rain chains are small embelishments in Japanese style architecture

Traditional Japanese style architecture has a long history of development. Rain chains are small embellishments to this art. The sight of droplets of water running down such chains having unique motifs is garnering an increasing fan base worldwide.

Experience a Shinto-style wedding!

Various shrines across Japan, like Izumo Oyashiro, offer Shinto-style weddings. However, there are other ways you can enjoy a Shinto-style wedding more casually, such as by availing yourself of a photography service which will provide costumes in order to experience a Shinto-style wedding.

“Otome Road” in Ikebukuro is hankered after by girls all over the world

“Otome Road » located in Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, next to Shinjuku-ku, is known as the mecca of Japanese « anime » and cartoons, and garners attention from girls all over the world. Ms. Federica and Ilaria from Italy will be exploring the town to enjoy Japanese pop culture at specialty shops and concept cafés.

Japanese wisdom to stay cool in the summer season

To stay cool and comfortable in the humid and sweltering summer season, Japanese people have come up with creative solutions which appeal to the five senses such as vision and hearing. « Japanese wisdom » covers wide-ranging ideas such as using the sound of wind chimes and the sprinkling of water for cooling down, the custom of cooling oneself in the evening breeze, sweating to refresh oneself and how to cool down while sleeping. Earth Chemical Co., Ltd. has long committed its expertise in mosquito repellent and treatments for coping with sweating to bring about a pleasant summer life in Japan.

The manufacturing of products in Japan nurtured by some of the world`s most famous waters

Ishikawa Prefecture is one of the snowiest areas in Japan. The snow from the moist winds of the Sea of Japan that falls on Mount Haku melts and springs out in the prefecture as some of the most famous waters of Japan. The water that is produced by this beautiful environment is used for making a variety of famous sake, growing flavorful rice, and visitors are greeted by relaxing hot springs and magnigicent scenery. The reason why the Santen Pharmaceutical plant has developed as one of the largest plants producing and selling eyedrops* is because of the rich water in this area.

*Annual production volume in units of eyedrops (as of 2015).