Japan Monthly Web Magazine – April 2016

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Feel the mystery and nature in Ise, Toba and Shima

Ise-jingu Shrine, one of the most famous sacred places in Japan where Japanese people longed for visiting there at least once in their life. Why don`t you make a trip to Ise-Shima area surrounded by beautiful green forests and ocean?

Taiko, Samurai warriors and Satoyama Cycling! Let’s experience Japanese culture

Playing on Japanese traditional drums, called Wadaiko. Learning Kembu, where you dance in the costume of a samurai. Cycling in Satoyama, where you can see the untouched landscape of Japan.
Try experiences which are unique to Japan.

Amazing and impressive cleaning procedure of Shinkansen!

The prompt and accurate cleaning procedure of the Shinkansen is the ultimate form of the Japanese Omotenashi spirit. Check out our article on Shinkansen cleaning before your next Shinkansen trip.

Enjoy skin-care with a playful Face Pack!

From popular anime characters to cute animals and the face of Kabuki actors, such unique face packs will turn your time-consuming everyday skin-care into a fun experience!

You should definitely taste these when you go to the Tohoku region! Delicious sweets

Sweets made with local specialties of the Tohoku region including apples, cherries and walnuts are now popular. We will introduce perfect sweets for a souvenir of your trip to the Tohoku region.

A must-have for flower viewing! Super convenient Wi-Fi app

Free Wi-Fi is a must-have for sightseeing in Japan. If you combine it with a convenient app, sightseeing is even more comfortable and enjoyable. ‘Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi’ allows you to use free Wi-Fi across Japan after a one-time registration process and is even convenient to use offline, making it a must-have app for sightseeing in Japan. This app is drawing more and more attention for its excellent functions and user-friendliness.

Sightseeing ambassadors experience shopping in Japan

The Miss International Beauty Pageant, which took place in Japan in the autumn of 2015, gathered representatives from 73 countries as goodwill ambassadors of peace and beauty. They were also appointed as ‘sightseeing ambassadors’ to introduce the beauty of Japan to the world. One of the Japanese experiences that they looked forward to was shopping in Japan.

Feel the cleanliness of Japan’s toilets!

People are newly enrolled at schools and newly hired at companies in this season when the cherry blossoms bloom. April in Japan is the month of new lifestyles everywhere as it generally marks new semesters and fiscal years. Multifunctional toilets are spreading everywhere in Japan such as in schools and offices, where new lifestyles begin. ‘Washlets’ (bidets by TOTO), which come as a surprise and thrill to visitors from abroad, are the representative of multifunctional toilets of Japan that are constantly evolving independently. As a nation, Japan also has an own ‘toilet culture’ that is also in constant development. Take a look at the leading-edge toilets of Japan, which let you experience Japan`s toilet culture!