Travelling by train is an excellent option for tourists making their way around Japan. Efficient, safe, clean and comfortable, trains in Japan run almost anywhere via the extensive rail network that spreads across the country. Whether visitors are being whisked through the countryside on sleek Shinkansen bullet trains or winding their way through mountain valleys aboard scenic railways, they can expect train service to be punctual, frequent, and dependable.


The ALL JAPAN RAIL PASS offers overseas travellers excellent value and convenience, allowing the passholder unlimited travel on almost* all JR lines as well as many JR buses and ferries and is valid for all regions of Japan. The All Japan Rail Pass is available for 7, 14, and 21-day periods. The ‘All Japan Rail Pass’ and must be purchased outside of Japan.

The JR Passes are only available to sightseeing visitors to Japan.
*The pass cannot be used on the superexpress, called Nozomi.

Where to purchase a JR Pass Exchange Order in Canada

The ‘All Japan Rail Pass’ must be purchased outside of Japan. It is necessary to purchase an Exchange Order before your departure. After entering Japan, you will have to obtain your JR Pass by submiting your Exchange Order at a JR office or designated Rail Station. In Canada, you can purchase a JR Pass by contacting your travel agent or one of the following travel agents or tour operators:

Authorized Sales Outlets for the JR Pass Exchange Order in Canada
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Japan Rail Pass Exchange Offices (in Japan)

You cannot use an Exchange Order when you travel on JR lines. Turn in your Exchange Order and obtain your JAPAN RAIL PASS at one of the JAPAN RAIL PASS exchange offices listed here. (Please note the service hours and holidays.)

For more information about the ALL JAPAN RAIL PASS

Regional Japan Rail Passes

There are also REGIONAL JAPAN RAIL PASSES which offer the passholder unlimited travel on most* JR lines within specific regions of Japan. Regional JR Passes can be purchased in Japan.

Select appropriate region:
JR Hokkaido
JR East
JR West
JR Kyushu

*The pass cannot be used on the superexpress, called Nozomi.

Seat Reservations

For information on how to reserve seats with your JR Pass in Japan, please click here.

JR Routes

For a PDF map of the major Japan Rail routes click here.

JR Timetables and Fares

JR Hokkaido
JR East (Tokyo-Tohoku area, Tokyo-Niigata, Tokyo-Nagano)
JR Central (Tokyo-Nagoya-Kyoto-Osaka-Hiroshima-Hakata)
JR Kyusyu

In addition, digital timetables, routes, and fare searches are available here.


Subway lines are available in all major cities, and provide prompt, efficient transportation. The JR Yamanote-sen loop line in Tokyo and the Osaka Kanjo-sen loop line both circle the centre of their respective cities. In Tokyo, JR rates start from 130 Japanese yen, subway fares at 160 Japanese yen for Tokyo Metro and Toei (Metropolitan) lines, and both increase with the distance traveled. Almost all stations have vending machines for tickets and automatic ticket-checking machines at their entrance/exit gates.

Fukuoka Subway Network
Kobe Subway Network (Japanese only)
Kyoto Subway Network
Nagoya Subway Network
Osaka Subway Network
Sapporo Subway Network
Sendai Subway Network
Tokyo Subway Network (Tokyo Metro Lines)
Tokyo Subway Network (Toei Lines)
Yokohama Subway Network